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National Flight Simulator

The Training You Need,
When You Need It. 

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National Flight Simulator is a state-of-the-art aviation pilot training center.  Located at KMHT in Manchester, New Hampshire, we provide both Initial Training and Recurrent Training as well as Instrument Rating, CFI, and more.  We are the only insurance company-approved simulator-based training center in New England. 

National Flight Simulator utilizes FAA-approved AATDs to fulfill insurance-mandated annual training in cabin class piston twins, turboprop twins, high-performance single engine, and turboprop single-engine aircraft.

We credit our success to the combination of top-of-the-line flight simulator equipment and old-fashioned personal service, tailored to meet the customized needs of the pilot and the aircraft flown.  We pride ourselves on providing a concierge-level experience to our clients. Our instructors are seasoned aviators, with extensive teaching experience. Since each aircraft is unique, we ensure our instructors have significant hands-on flying time in the particular make and model they teach.

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