Having a CFI rating allows you to not only make money while flying, but also significantly increases your proficiency and skills.
This course, designed for those who have completed their commercial rating, takes you step-by-step from ground school to check ride. The course consists of 31.5 hours of ground school and 15 hours of flight time. We have several of our own aircraft on site and are located in a Class C airspace.

Ken Wyman, NFS Chief Pilot, is a highly regarded CFI instructor with a strong record of successful new CFIs. 

Here are just a few reasons to get your CFI rating:

  • Gain flight experience

  • Build flight time

  • Reinforce you own knowledge

  • Earn money doing something you love

Become a Certified Flight Instructor

Check out the testimonials by
previous CFI students:

  • “When the COVID pandemic started I was just beginning my training for my flight instructor certificate. I was fortunate enough to start my training with Ken Wyman, and worked with him for the length of my training. The training that I received from Ken was real world oriented, specifically meant to train me for what I would see on a daily basis as an instructor. Ken adapted the training to my needs, and created a unique plan to work on my areas of weakness. His adaptability, planning, and real world training equipped me with the skills I needed to be an effective flight instructor. Flight instructor training is difficult, and Ken told me that it would be a lot of work from the start. While the training was no doubt difficult, I could not have asked for a better instructor to guide me through the process. I took my checkride a couple of months after starting training with Ken, and passed the checkride on the first try. I felt more prepared for my CFI checkride than most of my others. Ken gave the stick and rudder skills, ground knowledge, and decision making skills to become a world class flight instructor. I have advanced on to get my CFII, AGI, and IGI, and now have given over 350 hours of flight training. I was prepared well for flight instructing by Ken, and would absolutely recommend him to anybody considering starting their CFI training.”
    -Aidan M. CFI/CFII/AGI/IGI/Cirrus TCI; Purdue University | Class of 2022


  • “I did my CFI with Ken and was incredibly impressed. It was very important to me to get it done quickly and done well and he helped me accomplish both of those things. The syllabus was set up in a way that was manageable and easy to get through, and I was able to go into enough detail to thoroughly teach topics to students, without having my time wasted with information that would not be beneficial. I came out feeling well prepared for both the oral and practical portions of the CFI checkride, and beyond that was lucky to learn about Ken’s experience in the aviation field and was as ready as possible to begin instructing right after my checkride. I would highly recommend that people work with Ken to get this accomplished, he is probably one of the best people I could have learned from for it.” – Cameron D. CFI, National Flight Simulator


  • “Ken Wyman is one of the best flight instructors around. I am personally thankful I did my CFI training with him. He has a way of breaking down complex subjects into very simple concepts.   His extensive knowledge in aviation taught me the importance of what a CFI is and helped me gain valuable informationther my pilot career.   I am very grateful for having Ken as my instructor and highly recommend CFI candidates train with him.”
    -TJ G. CFI, National Flight Simulator


  • “Learning to CFI with Ken was one of the best choices I have made since pursuing a career in aviation!” -Nathan B.