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Want to learn to fly but don’t know where to start?
Take a hands-on Discovery Flight!

We offer Discovery Flights for those who have an interest in becoming a pilot. Get an introduction to the essentials of flying with an experienced instructor. YOU will take the controls and fly the plane. 

For $210, you will learn:​

  • How to do a pre-flight safety check

  • Functions of the cockpit controls

  • Dynamics of pitch, power, lift, gravity, thrust and drag

  • How to obtain a pilot’s license

  • And MORE!

Your instruction time counts toward FAA Pilot license requirement. Minimum age is 17 for private pilot. 
You will receive one-on-one personalized training with information on:

  • Ground school

  • Simulator training

  • Flight time

  • Tour of the flight school

  • A “First Flight” certificate for the future pilot

To learn more, or to schedule your Discovery Flight, fill in the form below!

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