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Duke Testimonial






November 5, 2019



Mr. Steve Cunningham President & CEO


175 Ammon Drive Suite 101

Manchester, NH 03103



RE:      My Duke B60 Recurrent Training Experience



Dear Steve:

I am writing to let you know how much I enjoyed my recent training experience with Glenn Michael.

I decided to schedule a Duke B60 recurrent training session with you after reading several very positive reviews of your services in AOPA PILOT Magazine, and on some of the Beechcraft-related and Duke-specific online forums.

When I first contacted you, I discussed my frustration in finding flight instructors with any level of Duke familiarity at some of the other simulator-based training operations.  You told me about one of your instructors, Glenn Michael, who was very familiar with the Duke. You then sent me some information about your course curriculum, along with Glenn's resume, and I quickly scheduled my training dates.

Glenn and I spent two days together, and I can say with confidence that this was the best recurrent training I have ever received.

I have been flying since 1976 and have attended initial and recurrent training from all of the major simulator training providers. I have type ratings in Cessna Citation S550 and Beech King Air 300 aircraft. I have trained in many King Air models (B90, C90, E90, F90, 100/A100, 200 and 300), as well as Cessna 340A and Duke B60 aircraft.

Glenn provided very meaningful and helpful one-to-one instruction which included a focused tune­ up of my instrument skills, as well as challenging aircraft-specific maneuvers and in-flight scenarios.

Glenn is an excellent instructor; bright, articulate, knowledgeable, prepared and patient.  He took the time to find the areas I needed to strengthen - in the  classroom and in the simulator.  He zeroed in on my weak areas, and didn't waste valuable time discussing topics unrelated to the task at hand. Glenn made the  best use of our time together, and  I came out  a better pilot thanks to his approach to training.

Our time in the simulator was equally beneficial to me. Glenn fully explained each training session prior to entering the sim, so I was able to maximize the learning experience with my sim time.  I was very impressed with the top-notch condition and functionality of the sim itself. Glenn has mastered its operation, and was able to create realistic and meaningful scenarios that helped improve my skills.

We fly our Duke 860 on business trips with Great West Team Members and clients on board. They and I both thank you, Steve, for the excellent and professional training you provided with Glenn Michael.

As Arnold says, I'll be back!


God Bless,




Wayne Decosta

President I CEO

Glenn Michael

Glenn Michael attended the University of New Hampshire and graduated with a B.S. in Business in 1969. Following that, he was in the US Air Force, 6 years active duty, flying  C-141 and F-4 aircraft. Glenn then went on to US Air Force Reserves for 24 years,  flying C-141, F-100, and F-4 aircraft. Glenn has an extensive history with the FAA. He joined the FAA Indianapolis Center as an Air Traffic Controller, then the FAA Eastern Regional Office JFK, New York as Air Traffic Evaluator, moving on to FAA Boston Center as Air Traffic Supervisor, Operations Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Assistant Air Traffic Manager, and Air Traffic Manager. From there, Glenn went on to work at the FAA New England Regional Office as Regional Quality Assurance Manager, followed by Assistant Air Traffic Division Manager and finally Regional Executive Manager.

Additional duties include:

  • FAA Advanced Navigation Flight Test Pilot; Involved in the development of MLS, LORAN and GPS approach procedures

  • FAA Safety Representative to the Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST); Managed the implementation of CAST Safety Enhancements worldwide

  • FAA Airline Transport Pilot; Certified Flight Instructor, Airplanes, Single and Multiengine, and Instruments

  • Certified Advanced and Instrument Ground Instructor, Certified Flight Navigator; Gold Seal Flight Instructor since 1976

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