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Flying Clubs - Special Offer

The New England winter season is on our doorstep! Maintaining instrument currency and more importantly, “instrument proficiency” becomes an even greater challenge.
How can NFS help? With our FAA approved Elite iGATE AATDs.
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Your flying club members will benefit from the following programs:

  • 6 'n 6 FAR 61.57 - maintain IFR currency, with an instructor (yours or our CFIIs) or without.

  • IPC (Instrument Proficiency Check)

  • Emergency procedures that can be difficult to practice or simulate in an actual aircraft

  • VMC - IMC, 3 hour program designed to enhance the VFR-only pilot with the skills necessary to safely escape the inadvertent entry into IMC.

  • And more....

pilot with you!

For flying clubs only, we are offering reduced hourly fees for the sims and instructors. For the clubs that want to use their own instructors, we can do that as well, charging only the fee for the simulator.

If you have questions or would like to schedule your training, fill in the form below, email or call 603.880.0044

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