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You decided to get your instrument rating for lots of reasons.It was exciting -- a challenge to meet. You had to learn how to plan a route, get a clearance and flawlessly understand how all those gadgets in the airplane work. You had been taught as a private pilot to look outside and now you can only look inside. You do all the work, you pass the written, you pass a checkride and get your bragging rights and then…

You have to maintain it. Ugh.

Deep down, you know how important it is.


Why not make it fun, too?

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National Flight Simulator will put together an evening where you can have some fun, some food, and maybe even some laughs as you knock the rust off and show off your skills.


We will schedule these nights as soon as we have a group of four or five. So, bring a friend or two. There will be a CFII on hand to sign you off after you are put through your paces. If you need an IPC or just want to maintain your currency, we will help you navigate all those rules. And, you’ll get a chance to see our new motion simulator, the Redbird!

Keeping your skills up-to-date is annoying, serious and too important to ignore.

Sign up now for the particulars, pricing is attractive and sensible along with the added fun of hangar talk with a group of fellow pilots! 

We're excited get you to come visit National Flight Simulator, see our facility and train with us. We want you to come and bring a friend! That's why were offering THE FIRST TEN PILOTS who sign up with a friend a FREE HOUR to share in our motion simulator, the Redbird. There is nothing quite like it.

Sign up and we will get you scheduled right away!

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