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Benefits of getting your Instrument Rating at NFS:

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  • 33% cost savings using the simulator*

      The FAA minimum training requirements to earn an instrument rating pilot certificate                  is 40 hours.  That's 40 hours of dual instruction, of which 20 hours can be                                    accomplished in one of our Elite iGATE AATD's.  The national average for instrument

      pilot training is closer to 65-70 hours. Save Hours......... Save $.........

  • With our instrument rating training course, you can earn your instrument rating quickly, without the hassle of weather delays or other interruptions.  

  • In the simulator, you have 100% of the instructor's attention. 

  • Procedures can be repeated in the simulator - Ability to pause and replay scenarios

  • Career Advancement: Many aviation jobs, such as those in commercial aviation or corporate aviation, require an instrument rating.  Having an instrument rating can help you advance your career and increase job opportunities.  

  *Note: 33% cost reduction is an estimate, based on an average number of reduced training hours.

Quick Facts:

  • Conveniently located at Manchester–Boston Regional Airport (MHT), just voted one of the Top Ten small airports in the country. 

  • Flexible Scheduling - Night and Weekend Options

  • Discounted Rates at local hotels - let us assist you with travel arrangements.

  • Complimentary use of our fleet car - come and go at your leisure.

  • Certified flight instructors with extensive flight time in the aircraft they teach.


Block Instrument Rating Pricing:

10% Discount for 10-hour block of Simulator, Instruction, and/or Plane

20% Discount for 25-hour block of Simulator, Instruction, and/or Plane

Discount Blocks must be purchased in advance and paid in full to receive discount

All block time purchased prior to March 31, 2024 will receive UNLIMITED self-instructed simulator time

for practice and extra experience 

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