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Make the Most of Your Pilot Certificate

Here is how to make the most of it:

• Vastly Improved situational awareness

• Reduced insurance rate up to 50%*

• Decreased chances of becoming stranded

Instrument training not only gives you the most of your pilot license, but it can save lives, including yours. We provide personalized instrument training at your pace.

• Safe and comfortable learning environment
• Experienced and flexible flight instructors 
• Cost savings with the use of simulators 
• Customizable schedule to fit your needs
• Ability to pause and replay scenarios

With our Instrument Rating Training course, you can earn your instrument rating quickly and without the hassle of weather delays or other interruptions. 

Benefits of getting your Instrument Rating at NFS:

  • 33% cost savings using the RedBird simulator: 
           Airplane - $150-$170/hr + $80/hr for instructor vs. 

           Simulator - $60/hr + $60-$80/hr for instructor 

  • One hour in the simulator is equal to 2 or more hours in the airplane, in terms of learning

  • In the simulator you have 100% of the instructor's attention 

  • Procedures can be repeated in the simulator - Ability to pause and replay scenarios 

  • You can do 20 hours in the airplane and 20 hours in the Redbird FMX simulator
    meet your 40 hour requirement

*Casual pilot, Piper Warrior or C172 type: Estimated $50-$100 annual lower premium with Instrument Rating; Casual pilot Complex/TAA C182 or Piper Arrow type: Often insurance companies will decline to quote coverages for Private Pilots in high performance/complex airplanes unless they have an instrument rating. For example, most companies will not quote coverages for a Bonanza for a 250-300 hour Private Pilot until he/she has their instrument rating. However, one can expect annual premium to be $100-150 more expensive without an instrument rating for typical complex aircraft like the Piper Arrow. The amount of premium saved is not the issue, but instead the availability of insurance coverage.

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