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Don't Get Caught With Your Head in the Clouds

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  178 seconds  
That's less than 3 minutes to get yourself safely out of an IMC condition. 

AOPA’s Air Safety Institute (ASI) is kicking off a safety campaign to raise awareness of the risks of VFR in IMC.

ASI calls these flights most significant cause of weather-related accidents

VFR into IMC is among the top 5 causes of fatal GA accidents – which are largely preventable

About one-third (1/3) are instrument -rated pilots!

Often thought of as a single cause, VFR into IMC plays a role in several other types of accidents, including loss of control in-flight (LOC-I) and controlled flight into terrain (CFIT). 

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Why chance it? 
Come in for a refresher on the importance of VFR - IMC

What will we cover?

  • Understanding changing weather patterns

  • Proper instrument scan

  • Understanding the human factors of spatial disorientation

  • How to use ATC for help (nearest VFR)

  • How to avoid getting trapped

  • How to safely exit

  • How to prevent a "repeated experience"

What's the cost?

For Non-Instrument rated Pilots:
1 & 1/2 hour Discovery Instrument Flight in the Simulators:

$85.00 / hour 

For Instrument-Rated Pilots:

3 hour Refresher in the Simulator 

$85.00 / hour

INSTRUCTOR RATE $92.00 / hour

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